What's New

Advantage Probe & Injection Corp has purchased the New MC7 soil sampling system enabling the collection of larger (3.0”) sample volumes for laboratory analysis of multiple soil-related parameters.  The MC7 is the largest member of the Geoprobe Macro-Core soil sampler family. This sampler retrieves a soil core 3.0” (76 mm) in diameter. This type of soil sampling is widely used in the Environmental and Geotechnical fields for exotic tests such as the Triaxial test to measure shear strength of soil types plus other tests to measure elastic properties, density and compaction of different soil types. 

Advantage Probe & Injection Corp was subcontracted by PINTER & Associates to carry out an in-depth Injection program in Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan.  In November 2012 the project team received the Brian Eckel Award of Excellence in the Environment Category from the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan (CES).  Way To Go!!