Environmental projects are intended to determine the existence of subsurface contamination and to facilitate remediation efforts.  Advantage Probe & Injection Corp. (APIC) has the equipment, experience, and specialized expertise to complete your environmental drilling project on time and on budget. Our highly-trained drill crews place a strong emphasis on safety, project management, and quality control. APIC has been utilizing and specializing in Direct Push Technology for over 11 years and has made it our core area of expertise. We know and come prepared to use the correct Direct Push Application for each  environmental drilling program. We have access to decontamination systems to ensure our tooling is properly decontaminated in between each borehole and monitoring well installation.

When it comes to environmental drilling, APIC is truly a full-service company. We can plan and execute your project from contract to clean up. Whether downtown or on rough terrain, in an open field or inside a small shop, APIC has the equipment and experience to get the job done safely, efficiently, on time, and on budget. 

Enrivonmental Services Include:

  • Installation and development of monitoring wells
  • Monitoring Well repair & maintenance
  • Direct Push soil and groundwater sampling (MC5 & MC7)
  • In-situ groundwater sampling (SP16
  • Installation of remediation systems
  • Limited access drilling equipment (Pionjar
  • Soil Gas Implant Installations and sampling (Soil Gas Sampling
  • Conducting in-situ remediation injection operations (Injection
  • In-situ detection of salts, fertilizers and yields lithologic information EC (Electric Connectivity)
  • In-situ detection of volatile organic carbons (VOCs) MIP (Membrane Interface Probe)-Coming Soon!

Your project will benefit from:

  • Well trained and experienced crews
  • Culture that promotes safety and quality work as core values
  • Well maintained, late-model equipment to minimize downtime
  • Innovations that drive efficiency and promote a safe work environment