In-situ Groundwater Sampling (SP16)

The Screen Point 16 (SP16) groundwater sampling system is the most widely used direct push system for environmental groundwater investigations. The SP16 is used to collect groundwater samples from unconsolidated materials at depths ranging from near ground surface to over 100 feet below grade. Its watertight design eliminates the threat of formation fluids entering the screen before deployment and ensures higher sampling integrity than conventional samplers.

The SP16 has only a few parts to the system, including the stainless steel sheath, the expendable point, plus a few O-rings. Using either of these tools with O-rings on the rod fittings enables you to collect representative groundwater samples from a discrete interval using waterra foot valve with tubing, bladder pump, or other device. The length of the screen exposed to the formation can be set from just a few inches to as much as 41-inches to let you select the sampling zone. Additionally, the same screens (Stainless Steel) can be used in both samplers. The grout plug at the base of the screen makes it possible to conduct bottom-up grouting with bentonite slurries or neat cement using APICs GS2000 Series grout pump.

Features and Benefits:

  • Completely sealed during percussion probing
  • Durable drive head and corrosion resistant sample sheath
  • Screen sheath forms mechanical annular seal above the screen while sampling
  • Reusable stainless steel screen
  • 41” exposed screen length
  • Fast recharge from formation
  • Samples recovered using Tube Check Valve, Mini-bailer or ½” Bladder Pump
  • Abandonment grouting from “Bottom Up”
  • Low cost method of obtaining groundwater samples
  • No need for the expense of conventional monitoring wells
  • Possible to profile deep water table without the need for multiple well installations
  • Quick undisturbed grab samples
  • Sample booth dissolved compounds and NAPLs
  • Ease of monitoring static water levels
  • Great for Flowing Sand Conditions
  • Less invasive