Our Health & Safety Focus

Advantage Probe & Injection Corp. (APIC or the Company) believes strongly in the health and safety of its employees and that Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Employees are reminded that Safety doesn’t start and stop on the job. It is a way of life – at work and at home.

To this end the Company will do everything in its power to provide a safe and healthy work environment. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, recognized best trade practices and all applicable Legislation will form the minimum standard expected for Health and Safety in Company workplaces.

Training, protective equipment, safe work practices, safe job procedures preventative maintenance, an Occupational Health Representative, Emergency Preparedness, WHMIS, Record Keeping, and Inspections will form a part of our Safety Program.

The Company will continue to have a goal of Zero Lost Time Accidents. The purpose of this goal is to reduce or eliminate the costs of human suffering (from accidents or injury) and the loss of equipment or materials.

Should any of our employees experience an injury or illness; every effort will be made to accommodate that employee to insure their attendance at work through our Disability Management Program.

Senior management bears the responsibility to establish and maintain adequate standards, policies, procedures and work practices, as well as maintaining our buildings and equipment to provide our safe work environment. Senior management is also responsible to review the company policies at least once each year, and sign them. 

All levels of management will insure the ongoing training (including their own) and instruction in safe work practices of employees under their supervision

Managers and supervisors are responsible to ensure that all employees are instructed and trained in Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures, and that this training conforms to Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Standards as written in The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, 1993 and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations,1996.

These persons are responsible to conduct formal and informal workplace inspections, correct any substandard conditions when found, investigate all incidents and accidents, and report to senior management any real or potential safety or health hazards.

They are required to actively promote a safe working environment.

Employees are responsible for observance of Company policies and procedures. They are responsible for working in a safe and careful manner, looking out for the welfare of themselves, their fellow employees,sub-contractor employees, clients, and the general public. Any real or potential hazards, must be reported immediately to their supervisor.

The OH Committee is responsible for promoting a safe work environment, and recommending actions which will improve the effectiveness of the Health and Safety program


  • All Crews participate in documented Daily Tailgate Safety meetings held at the start of each job, everyday.
  • APIC holds Monthly Crew Safety Meetings, required for all crew, where relevant safety issues are discussed and Near misses and Lessons Learned are reviewed
  • Health and safety ideas and concepts are reinforced throughout the day on every project

Our Safety Program Includes:

  • Training
  • PPE
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Safe Job Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Regular Inspections
  • Occupational Health Representative
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Record Keeping
  • H2S Alive (if required)
  • Ground Disturbance
  • First Aid