Advantage Probe & Injection Corp uses the Geoprobe™ 6600/PC111 Direct Push series machine. The rig is fitted with a powerful GH-62 Hammer and has 34,000 pounds of down force and 46,000 pounds of retraction force. This machine is equipped with an Auger-head attachment, a wide stance for added stability, and extra power for heavy-duty site investigation needs. The Geoprobe 6600/PC111 series machine is especially ideal for MC5 & MC7 soil sampling, in-insitu groundwater sampling (SP16), chemical Injection and Direct Sensing tooling (EC, CPT, MIP).

APICs Geoprobe 6600/PC111 series machine is compact, hydraulically powered percussion-probing machine. The Geoprobe® is mounted within a PC/111 enclosed box on the rear of a 4x4 Ford F-550 Chassis. The PC/111 Probe Carrier offers ample amounts of dry storage, water storage, work lights, etc. The 6600/PC111 unit can be swiftly folded out and operated; using static force and percussion hammer to rapidly advance small-diameter sampling tools into the ground for the collection of soil cores, groundwater samples and soil gas samples. It has ability to hammer through surface pavements, asphalt and frost using concrete bits and the heavy duty rock ripper head. The unit can be switched to the percussion mode and its hammer used for rapid probing. The design of these units permits taking groundwater samples without the need for installing a permanent monitoring well.

The Geoprobe 6600/PC111 model typically advances sampling tools into the ground in the 0 to 80 ft range (depending on soil conditions). The Model 6600/PC111 has a pulling power of 20 tons with a stroke length of 66 inches. The probing tools not only produce small diameter holes that minimize surface disturbance, but no cuttings are created during the sampling process. Tools can be interchanged at any time. Continuous soil samples can be taken which stay in clear plastic sleeves for transport to the soil lab, or can be opened for field inspection.

Direct Push benefits

  • No cuttings, No Drums, No Hazardous Waste, No Cost
  • Variety of technically accurate tooling capabilities for soil, soil gas, groundwater sampling and contaminant detection
  • Minimal disturbance to the ground surface. Only a small diameter hole is created
  • Quick and economical mobilization
  • Quicker and more mobile, allowing easier access to low clearance, limited access and off road areas
  • Both probing and sampling is fast
  • Less labour intensive
  • Quick collection of conformation borings for site closure
  • Drills easily through surface pavement up to .31m (concrete coring)
  • Capable of angle probing
  • Compact and intrusive equipment.
  • 160 cubic feet of dry storage space
  • Efficient. Convenient. Protected. Secure

 Geoprobe 6600 Specs (PDF)